Money Saving Tips for UK Motorists



The aim of Money Wise Driver is simple: we want to help British car owners cut the cost of motoring.


For most of us, our cars are our second biggest investment, second only to our homes. Add in day-to-day expenses like fuel, insurance and servicing – many of which are unavoidable – and the cost of car ownership can quickly run into the thousands each year. But that doesn’t mean that, with a little savvy and shopping around, those costs can’t be reduced.


Unfortunately, too few motoring websites focus exclusively on money saving tips for drivers. That’s where we come in.


We believe the best way to make a real difference to drivers’ wallets is to arm them with all the relevant information they need to make informed choices and manage their motoring expenses with confidence. That is why our articles are not short reads. Instead, we prefer to examine topics in-depth, covering them from every angle, answering as many questions as we can, and packing our pages with as many money saving tips as possible. We also try to save motorists time and money on research by recommending relevant products and services that we believe offer genuine value for money.


As we said, our focus is very much on British motoring, and the information and links we provide, as well as the recommendations we make, reflect that fact. However, some of our articles do cover subjects that will be of interest to drivers worldwide.


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We will be adding more content regularly, so please stay tuned.


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